Individuals and businesses poised to launch a new company, product, or marketing initiative need the right tools in their toolbox. 

One very important suite of tools is the myriad rights and protections conferred by the registration, monitoring, and enforcement of your intellectual property. 

"Intellectual property" can include:
  • Trademarks (logos, slogans, designs, distinctive sounds, colors, and smells)
  • Copyrights  (literary works, sculptures, drawings, paintings, etc.)
  • Internet Domain Names (.com .net. org and the NEW top-level domains)
  • Trade Secrets (recipes, formulas, proprietary processes)
  • Patents (new, useful, and non-obvious methods, designs, and processes)
  • Other common law or moral rights
Our office advises clients as to the most effective methods and strategies of securing protection for and enforcing your intellectual property rights.

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